Marguerite has received many excellent reviews. A small selection is shown below. If you enjoy any of Carol Edgerley’s books, please feel free to leave a brief review on your preferred online review site – or send the author a message with your views via the Contact page of this website.

“Carol writes with an easy, modern style, breathing life into the true story of one woman’s life…   A story of courage, resilience and a free spirit, yearning for understanding and true love.”
Jenny Seagrove, Actress & Founder of the Mane Chance Sanctuary

“Marguerite is superb, enthralling, & an emotional journey. A MUST read.  I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for the sequel, Claire.  Well done to Carol Edgerley, for giving us the chance to go on an amazing journey with Marguerite.”
Michele Leyshan

“Carol Edgerley tells a moving tale, full of fine description, resonant social history and human emotion. Set in late 19th-century France, Ireland and Britain as well as early 20th-century India, the narrative reflects the author’s keen and perceptive knowledge of those places and times.  This splendid first novel by a hugely gifted writer is to be expanded to create a trilogy, and volumes two and three promise to be a welcome continuation of this exciting and heartwarming story based on the life of the author’s great-great aunt.”
John Winbigler