Marguerite CoverThe only daughter of a French marquis, the headstrong Marguerite is the apple of her father’s eye. Jealous and embittered, her mother schemes to rid herself of the seventeen-year-old girl through marriage to a much older man. Strenuous efforts to escape such a fate result in Marguerite being sent in disgrace to an Irish convent to reflect on her unacceptable attitude.

Instead, she absconds with a man she scarcely knows, and marries him in a clandestine ceremony. To escape the marquis’ fury, the couple flee to British India. Over the years, far from the bright future she had anticipated, Marguerite is destined to suffer violence, betrayal, rejection, and finally poverty.

Battling against almost insurmountable odds, the young woman regains prosperity through grim determination and her own merit. However, her personal independence comes at a price…

Marguerite was published by Brightwater Publications on 14 October 2012 and is available as a paperback RRP £9.99 for paperback, £3.08 as ebook. Paperback ISBN 978-0985366025


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