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Lisl’s Bits and Bobs: Review of Marguerite, Book I of The Merencourt Saga

A 19th century quest for personal autonomy

Marguerite (Book I in The Merencourt Saga)

by Carol Edgerley


When I first came upon Carol Edgerley’s Marguerite, I wondered about the historical romance element; this genre generally is not my cup of tea. However, when I learned the novel is based upon events in the life of the author’s great grandmother, my interest was further piqued and I decided to give it a go. Having now finished the book I can say my faith was well-placed as Marguerite is an engaging read whose protagonist is someone a good many of us can relate to.


Born into 19th century French nobility, Marguerite de Merencourt suffers the fallout from her embittered mother’s hatred, the roots of which are secreted in the Marquise’s unwanted arranged marriage to a man she despises. Unable and unwilling to differentiate between her husband and the newborn who is the image of her father, Francine sends the baby away and hurls a bottle of perfume into a mirror, watching in self pity as her image falls in pieces to the floor…


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