susanna-coverSusanna leads a happy, carefree childhood in France with her grandparents but upon the reappearance of a hostile and critical mother she doesn’t know, seven-year-old Susanna is abruptly torn from the security of her grandmother’s home. During the years of misery that follow at boarding schools, she becomes the victim of intense bullying and knows little happiness… except with horses. Thinking to escape her mother’s control at last, the eighteen-year-old girl plunges into marriage with a cold and emotionless man she scarcely knows. Subsequent to the birth of two children, a deeply unhappy Susanna flees her marriage. Through the betrayal of her own mother, she loses custody of her beloved and very young children.

Meeting and marrying a good-looking pilot, Susanna looks forward to a bright future at last. Delirious with joy to find herself pregnant with her third child, she is ordered by her husband to abort the baby. Appalled, Susanna refuses. The subsequent consequences of her refusal become close to intolerable.

Can this girl, seemingly born under a malevolent star, ever find the happiness and serenity she rarely knows but desperately seeks? Does she possess the courage to battle the courts to regain custody of her children? She is soon to discover whether or not she has what it takes to survive…


The Third Book in The Merencourt Saga


Suzanna was published in paperback by Brightwater Publications on 13 May 2016 and is now available from all good retailers (RRP £12.99) and as an e-book for £4.11. Paperback ISBN 978-1785077753


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